Fresh Tilled Soil, Illustration

Fresh Tilled Soil office illustrations

When I joined Fresh Tilled Soil in 2012, the team was located at the Waltham Watch Factory building, a converted mill building with rich historic ties to the city’s heyday. Shortly thereafter, we opened satellite offices in downtown San Francisco and Boston. This set of illustrations, created for the firm’s website, captured the industrial Waltham riverfront, the bustling heart of San Fransisco, and the gleaming, reinvented Boston Seaport District, home to the city’s Institute of Contemporary Art.

Once we moved down the river to our new home in Watertown, new images were in order. The first portrays the building’s exterior, a great wall of century-old brick enlivened by a modern, mid-century illustrative aesthetic. As we settled in and opened our doors for events like UX Fest 2013 & 2014, I created a new piece to capture the space’s vastness, brick-and-beam construction, and tremendous natural light.


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