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Fizzy's Lunch Lab game design

CloudKid is an outstanding interactive studio based out of Boston, MA. Their web-series for PBS Kids, Fizzy's Lunch Lab, teaches children the value of healthy eating through animated webisodes, tasty recipes, clever music, and seriously fun games. For its work on the Lunch Lab, CloudKid has been nominated for a Daytime Emmy in New Approaches in Children's Programming three times: in 2010, 2011, and 2012.

I joined CloudKid as a graphic designer during the second season, when the studio was in the midst of producing a slew of new games for the Lunch Lab site. The majority of my work was on Escape from Greasy World, the company's largest, most ambitious interactive experience to date. My tasks varied widely from day to day, and included conceptual sketching, iconography, logo and identity development, interface design, and illustration. The work you see here is a selection of my best work done for the Lunch Lab, including the title screens from four games and countless interface elements. During my time at CloudKid, I also contributed to the early development of Peg+Cat, iRead, and Negative Nimbus.

While some pieces were largely my own from start to finish (I take special pride in my pixelated illustrations for Escape), many were bolstered by the immense talent in the studio. CloudKid's culture espouses iterative & cooperative development, and it was common for a piece to bounce actively between three or four different artists until perfection was found.

I encourage you to explore the wealth of fantastic content at Fizzy's Lunch Lab. It's a great resource for parents and teachers alike, and kids love it.


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