To Boldly Fold, Illustration

Manifesto & Travel Series lettering

To Boldly Fold’s first travel journals, with their slim profiles and affordable price, were popular items from the start. In 2014, we expanded the series with two new, custom-lettered designs: Explore and Adventure. We also created a companion line, the Manifesto Series, to celebrate our ideals and core values as artists and business owners. I meticulously created three more calligraphic designs: Be Your Best, Work Hard, and Follow Through. Each began on paper, was iterated upon digitally, and ended as precise, hand-tooled vectors. The designs were crafted into brass irons by CNC machines, after which we precisely brand each leather cover with a drill press and specialized heating element.

The Manifesto and new Travel Series books made their debut at the National Stationery Show in May 2014.


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