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Circle Invest "Explore" illustrations

With quick setup, low minimums, collections, recurring buys, and over a dozen crypto assets available, Circle Invest is the best way to get started in crypto.


But buying coins is just the beginning. We recently launched a new section of the app called "Explore," which features approachable, informative content to help you develop your understanding of the crypto world. Bone up on dollar cost averaging, explore blockchain basics, and dive deep into the tokenization of everything.

We're treating Explore like an educational publication—more magazine, less textbook. To strike the right tone, I've created unique illustrations for each post. And in the spirit of editorial illustration, I was free to deviate from the core Circle brand aesthetic. It's been a blast experimenting in new forms and textures.

To see the illustrations in context, be sure to download Circle Invest on iOS or Android!


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