itsgr82bme pitch illustration

Brooke & Michael Webb began (“it’s great to be me”) when they realized there was no central, easy way to find things to do with their kids. This nuisance for parents is a serious economic concern for innumerable small businesses across the country. How do you reach new customers without breaking the bank on marketing and tech? With the splintered world of grocery store bulletin boards, isolated small-business websites, and myriad social networks, where do you focus your efforts? itsgr82bme seeks to be the home for family-friendly activities, connecting families and businesses and strengthening local communities.

As residents of ConstantContact’s InnoLoft small business accelerator program, Brooke & Michael were looking to hone their investor pitch with some simple illustrations to capture the story of itsgr82bme. My work presents a frazzled parent, surrounded by restless kids and countless ads vying for his attention. Thankfully, itsgr82bme guides him and his family towards adventure and possibility.


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