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UX Fest 2014

After my deep involvement organizing Fresh Tilled Soil’s inaugural UX Fest in 2013, I stepped back for the next year’s conference. Though I once again helped in small ways across the board, my contributions to UX Fest 2014 were primarily creative. I created the marquee illustration that was featured on the event’s website, as well as across our marketing collateral and signage. The work sought to capture the spirit of UX Fest 2014, a celebration of the extraordinary digital products that transcend their markets through exceptional user experience design. In addition, I updated the mural on our big chalkboard wall, incorporating elements from the illustration.

Once again, I participated in one of the day’s sessions. I was joined by my colleagues, Steve Hickey and Tim Wright, to perform our first-ever live episode of The Dirt, the Fresh Tilled Soil podcast. We discussed the value–and misuse–of “Minimal Viable Product” in product design, and answered questions from our live studio audience. You can listen to that episode on our website, or subscribe to The Dirt on Apple Podcasts.


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